12 Days of Jingle Sales - Day 12

12 Days of Jingle Sales - Day 12

December 12, 2019

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 12 Days of Jingle Sales

On the twelveth day of Jingle Sales,
Tiffany gave to me,
27% off of everything I buy, (12)
50% off Team Tiffany dog tags, (11)
Giveaway of plaid & striped shirt, (10)
Waffle ring with a shirt purchase, (9)
Free shipping just for one day, (7/8)
BOGO half off Cameos, (6)
50% of Believe bracelet, (5)
Reduced price on Chill sweatshirt, (4)
Free MP3 of a Christmas song, (3)
20% off a snowflake necklace, (2)
and a
BOGO 50% off in Tiffany's Closet! (1)

12 Days of Jingle Sales ends today! However, all 12 Days of Jingle Sales deals will run through the end of the year with no expiration date! Exceptions are the Giveaway of the shirt, Free shipping day, and BOGO half off of a Cameo. All other discounts are still valid. Only one discount code can be used at a time.

All discount codes can be found scrolling through Tiffany's Store Blog.

Hope you enjoyed 12 Days of Jingle Sales!


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